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Dianna Ridgeway

Dianna Ridgeway

Dianna Ridgeway, MIRM is Owner & Broker In Charge of The Ridgeway Marketing Group, LLC and Yummyhomes Marketing, LLC. She has worked in New Homes Sales and Marketing for 25 continuous years. During that time she has represented builders and developers of all sizes. Her marketing leadership has resulted in thousands of new home sales across the Columbia, Lexington and Charleston, SC areas. Dianna is happily married to Pete Ridgeway, her husband of 17 years. He has worked with her as web & database developer and market researcher.Dianna’s focus is bringing her new home knowledge & 25 Years Experience to help and advise buyers who are taking advantage of the current buyers market.


John Grisetti

John Grisetti

John Grisetti, CSP has enjoyed Thirty Years of Sales and Management Experience with both National and Local Builders. He has also worked in commercial construction sales and management including construction of tennis facilities and a thirty-six acre PGA National Park. He has served as Sales Trainer for Beazer Homes and Education Chairman for the Greater Columbia Sales and Marketing Council.

John is a happily married family man enjoying the time of his life with Sally, his wife and sweetheart. He is an avid golfer and has served in the leadership of The Lexington Country Club.

John’s focus is bringing his new home knowledge & 30 Years Experience to help and advise buyers who are taking advantage of the current buyers market.


What do we do? Here’s some examples.

Let’s say you are going to buy a house and you want to get the best price. You have selected a national builder and a house that they build. Have you asked yourself ‘When is the end of this builder’s current reporting quarter’?

We would ask that question. We would because the builder will often take a more aggressive offer in order to ‘meet their numbers’ for the end of the quarter.

Here’s why we know that. We have represented new home builders and developers for over twenty years. We have been ‘the guy behind the desk’ when hundreds of people have bought new homes from us. We were, (and in some cases still are) the builder’s representative. We have been in countless board meetings, planning meetings and sales meetings with builders, developers and onsite sales agents that we have managed. We have had to meet end of month and end of year sales projections. We have seen aggressive offers become much more appealing when another sale is needed to meet projections by the end of the month.


Who are we? Here’s one more example in terms of what we can do for you as a buyer.

Let’s say you’re ready to make an offer on the home you selected. First, you wonder what is it worth. Then you wonder what should I offer?

Over the last twenty plus years, we have done hundreds of market pricing studies for builders. These studies include information such as:

  • Who is discounting the most?
  • Is the house priced competetively after the discount, or did the builder just start high to give the appearance of discounting.?

The above are some of the things we can help you understand.


Understanding The Market


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The house price can be represented in graphic form along with comparable homes in the area. (See image to right).
Most builders are accustomed to seeing this format from the various consultants they hire.
We can also submit this documentation along with our offer to purchase. This will certainly help our case and remind the builder that there are always other strong competitors that want to sell you one of their homes.

In order to focus our efforts on providing maximum service to buyers seeking our services, we ask for serious enquiries only.

We hope our answer has been informative and perhaps prompted you to ask ‘what else might I have not thought of’.

If you feel that we might be a match for you, please contact us. We would like to help.

Thank you for your interest.

Dianna & Pete Ridgeway

The Ridgeway Marketing Group, LLC


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