Starting Tomorrow, July 9, you should allow additional time to get onto post at Fort Jackson.

FORT JACKSON SC - <br />GATE 2 ENTRANCE TEMPORARILY CLOSED” title=”<b>FORT JACKSON SC <br />GATE 2 ENTRANCE TEMPORARILY CLOSED</b>” width=”150″ height=”150″ class=”size-thumbnail wp-image-6765″ /><p class=FORT JACKSON SC - GATE 2 ENTRANCE TEMPORARILY CLOSED

According to the Offical United States Army Website: Gate 2 Fort Jackson will be Closed For Repair & Renovation between July 9 & September 15.
It will be completely closed to all in and outbound traffic.

If You are coming from NE Columbia, You may want to use Gate 4. Gate 4 will be open to inbound traffic only from 5 to 9 am. Here is Route Map from Jacobs Creek in NE Columbia to the Gate 4 Entrance to Fort Jackson. You should add additional time to the Google Estimated Drive Time to compensate for Delays caused by Gate 4 handling all the extra traffic from Gate 2 being closed.

You can find Route Maps to Fort Jackson Gate 4 from many of the most popular subdivisions in NE Columbia & Blythewood at our Directory of Fort jackson Subdivisions & Homes for Sale » »